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Hopefully I’ll get back to some regular blogging soon but for now, here is a smattering of photos of the going-ons, garden happenings and other what-nots.

This may very well have been the prettiest thing I made all summer. And it was mighty tasty too—though, honestly, how can you go wrong with homegrown veggies topped with cheese? Here is the recipe.

Harvesting herbs, here and there.

Bean Blossom
The second planting of bush beans are doing very well.

The overall harvest is dwindling but still producing enough to please me. (We got so many peppers this year!)

Been bringing my ginger in on these cooler nights.

Curious critters are always following me around outside.

And the morning light. Oh, the morning light.

Casting On
I cast on. (More details in a future post.)

I splurged. (Again, more details in a future post.)

What is life like by you?


Yarn Along

Yarn Along
Since my last update, I have done a few rounds of my top. Yes, literally, just a few. I haven’t found a way to fit knitting in. I’m either at work or working here at home—keeping up with the garden and house stuff. And when I do sit down to relax, I hate to admit I tend to spend that time in front of screen of sorts.

Link up your Yarn Along for this week here!

When I took up knitting back in September, I swore I would stick with projects that whipped up quickly (so I didn’t get bored) and only do one at a time (starting more than I finish is one of worst habits with sewing.) I’m afraid I’ve already broke the first rule and I’m pretty sure I’m going to break the second soon too, as I hope to get started on socks to have them completed by the yule time season.

I’m almost done with Quiet. Then I’m hoping to fit some light reading in. It looks pretty overwhelming (and perhaps I’m deluding myself that it isn’t?) but most are books just to “flip through” which sounds a bit more fitting for my current schedule. They include:
Canning For a New Generation
An Illustrated Life
Keeping Chickens
A Householder’s Guide to the Universe
Appetite for Reduction
I eat a lot of Stonyfield yogurts. Eventually I decided to plug in the codes on the top of the container and start acquiring reward points. Oddly enough it didn’t take too long to reach a reward that has been long on my wish list: a subscription to Martha Stewart Living. The issues for June, July and August all arrived on Monday. I’m going to enjoy flipping through them (and future ones in the next year.)

(PS: Here is a link to a coupon for $2 off any three Stonyfield products.)


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