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Snow Day Recap.

It’s about 4:30 here and still snowing pretty heavily. (Almost wrote pretty heavenly!) I have some shoveling to do (a chore I actually don’t mind) and then a nice family dinner. Here are some photos of my venture out in the snow (with Kippy and Nigella, of course.)
Snow Covered Lilac.
Kippy ... Relaxing in the Snow.
Yes, this day just keeps getting better with each snow flake.

Winter in the air…

Things have been quiet around here lately. There has been a lot going on in my life so blogging has been shifted to the back burner. I have plans for some new tutorials to share but not for a little while. I’m still sewing, of course, and will share photos of completed projects and shop updates as soon as I get a chance. As well as get around to visiting other blogs.

The days are getting shorter and shorter and I can smell winter in the air. So I was surprised to find this sweetgum tree still holding it’s own–and quite beautifully too. (Don’t let the warmth of the photo fool, it was cold!) The end of the year is approaching quickly–I’m not sure where it went. This means the yule season will be upon us soon. I have no ideas about presents–to either make or buy. I’ve been browsing around Etsy quite a bit for inspiration and ideas.
I’m planning a sale in my own shop to kick off the holiday shopping season. So stay tuned.

This is our dog Kippy. She turned 10 on Monday. She looks awfully sad in the photo, but in truth she is just terribly camera shy. I’m not sure if other dogs are like that or not, but she never looks you in the eye. I still have this habit of calling her puppy because, although she’s speckled with gray and not fast as she used to be, she is still so playful and enthusiastic. Though, she is slipping a bit on her guard dog duties. The other night she totally missed the the doe I heard munching on the bushes outside my bedroom window.

First Snow

First Snow

It’s been one of those days. I think the snow has confused me. (We just got a dusting here. My Dad said the Pocono’s got at least a foot. *jealous*)
It was a fuzzy brain day. Whenever I tried to sew, I kept messing up so I just abandoned it all together. I’ll get back to it when my head is clearer. (More clear?) And I accidentally posted the rough draft to this entry earlier. So, if you’re subscribed to my blog, it may be in you reader. Just ignore it, and the one before. It was Sunday night and I posted a long entry that I later deleted, figuring it didn’t make sense somehow…
I’m sure I’m not making sense now either. ;)
A heads up to anyone who reads or plans on reading my blog regularly: I’m kind of sort of fickle. That’s partly why I quit blogging the last time around. I’m actually a very private type of person and sometimes I feel like I put too much of myself out there, so instinctively, I retreat back. And then I make even less sense. I really envy people who blog with such clarity, grace and ease.
Anyway, I’ve been hanging low lately. As I just said, things have been bizarre. I recently found out I have lyme disease. Family was here visiting last week. And now I need to get ready for my trip to Maine next week.
I haven’t really been sewing so there hasn’t been anything much to blog about.
Here’s more snow…
First Snow


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