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Weekly Finds

I really only have one find for you this week:


You can preview the whole thing free on Grooveshark: here.

PS: Thank you all for your comments on Wednesday’s post about Resistance. It was great to read your comments. Many of them reminded me of this quote by Andy Warhol: “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

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Friday Recap.

My creation
I decided, just after the New Year, to join in 365 Days again. Unfortunately, I’ve already missed about a week and will no doubt miss more days in the future. I gave it a go a couple years ago but sadly only made it a couple months. I’m determined to finish it this time!

Food finds: Mango Salsa from Scratch via a pal and Lemony Chickpea Stir-fry found via Shannon. And this blog looks to be très magnifique!

It’s funny: I decide to be more frugal and not make any unnecessary purchases and I end up doing a ton of online window shopping! Luckily no purchases, just browsing so far.

I have this urge to paint my bedroom a pale gray and get this bed frame and these night stands. Once I get the “studio” stuff out of this little room, I’ll have a bedroom again. I don’t know which room I’m more excited about.

I’ve also been checking out vintage clothes. I think it might be the fact that spring and summer are just around the corner, but I’m very much drawn to yellow–a color I never wear. I mean, if I had $100 and a tiny little frame, I’d so get this. And wear it all the time!

I’m still very much in love with Basia Bulat. I can’t get enough of this song.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Friday Recap.

Cotton Laces.
Seeing as I’m on a self-imposed diet and can’t buy any new fabric, I turn to notions instead. I ordered some cotton laces on eBay. I already have dreamy ideas for them.

I didn’t think this was possible. But Teresa did it!

Hanna of Craftykin made me realize I don’t have a 2010 calendar. Considering I’m always losing track of what day it is, one would definitely be helpful. I really want this one but I’m trying to be frugal. Perhaps I should make my own calendar? What’s another item on a massive to-do list?

This being frugal this is hard because I very much so want this dress. It’s my colors, my cut, and it would be perfect for a spring party that’s in the works.

But instead I’ve joined in Sarah’s Pattern Challenge with the intention of making my own dress! (What’s a second addition to my to-do list!) I’ll be blogging about my goal next week.

In music news, I can’t get enough of Basia Bulat’s Heart of My Own right now. And I just found out the amazing Patty Griffin has a new album out. Off to preview it now!

Have a wonderful weekend. (We’re in for a lot of snow here in the East!)

Friday Recap.

Winter's Past.
I’ve been scanning old photos whenever I get the chance. Some may pop up in my posts. Like these of a snowy February in 1987.

-The Fabric Diet just got harder seeing as I found Flora and Fauna. (Love this one and this one.)

-When Pink Chalk sent out the newsletter I also learned about Craft Hope having an Etsy store for Haiti. (Which I’ve already mentioned and put the button up in my sidebar–you should too!) So I donated one of my aprons and it was snagged up right away!

-I’ve been listening to a lot of pretty music, like Alela Diane, Mariee Sioux, Essie Jain, Marissa Nadler, Headless Heroes and more.

Project Runway Season 7 is in full swing. I had to Google Anna Lynette because I love the simplicity and sweetness of her designs. Check out some photos of her designs here.

-Who doesn’t love to get lost in the shelves?

Pretty Pretty!

-The 300th Post Giveaway closes later tonight. And the winner will be announced tomorrow!

And thanks for the feedback on the post layout. I prefer the pictures throughout the words too but I’ve seen it done the other way too, and wondered if maybe that was easier to read. Things will stay the same. :)

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Friday Recap.

Birch Log Candle Holder
This is a Birch Tree Candle Holder my Papa made my Mama for Christmas this year. He’s so sweet and clever.

I came across this adorable Village Frock pattern via Sarah’s blog.

And this Reusable Sandwich Wrap via Sneezerville blog.

Penny’s All Buttoned Up Frosty is super adorable!

Garden Mama’s Candied Chocolate Orange Peels look so good.

A sneak peek at Helen Dardik’s Mod Kitchen over at True Up. How I love me some kitchen fabrics!

I’m signing off for the holidays to enjoy time with my family. We are supposed to get a massive snow storm up the east coast. I’m excited! I hope it sticks around for Christmas. Or we get more! Keep warm, wherever you are!

I wish you all a very lovely Holiday and a Happy New Year. It’s been fun this past year sharing our creative endeavors and I look forward to more in 2010! :)


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