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Hopefully I’ll get back to some regular blogging soon but for now, here is a smattering of photos of the going-ons, garden happenings and other what-nots.

This may very well have been the prettiest thing I made all summer. And it was mighty tasty too—though, honestly, how can you go wrong with homegrown veggies topped with cheese? Here is the recipe.

Harvesting herbs, here and there.

Bean Blossom
The second planting of bush beans are doing very well.

The overall harvest is dwindling but still producing enough to please me. (We got so many peppers this year!)

Been bringing my ginger in on these cooler nights.

Curious critters are always following me around outside.

And the morning light. Oh, the morning light.

Casting On
I cast on. (More details in a future post.)

I splurged. (Again, more details in a future post.)

What is life like by you?


Garden Update


Garden Haul
It’s pretty much been the same fare here this week. Squash, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers.

Except for…Carrots! They didn’t do as great as we had hoped (dry, hot weather at the wrong stage of their lives and one row getting crowded out by the giant leaves of the squash plants) but we have some for eating now and some for putting away. The above photo was the second basket we harvested.

The gourds were planted outside the garden but the vines are spreading into the garden. And getting fresh with the purple yard long beans.

New Growth
Some space has cleared up in garden (where the cabbage was) so many new seeds were planted. Things like more cucumbers, beets. (We were given a ton of seed from a family friend and believe in utilizing all the space we can in the garden, as long as we can. If things don’t come up or produce well, no loss. But if they do!) We also have a row or two of fresh new bush bean plants (which can be seen in the above photo) that are blossoming and should start producing soon. Plus the pole beans which are slowly but surely coming along. The chest freezer in the basement is filling up considerably. Last summer we put away enough to make it to about February or March. It was terrible to have to buy frozen vegetables, not to mention expensive.Hopefully we’ll make it through the whole year this time.

What have you been growing?

(Head over to Homesprout to see what others are hauling from their garden! Or add your photo to the flickr pool to join in.)

The Garden Speaks.

While my parents are in North Carolina for the week, I’m in charge of the garden. I went out yesterday to see if anything was ready for the picking.
Cucumbers said No.
Tomatoes said No.
Squash said Soon.
Summer Squash
So I ended up with a collection of fallen walnuts, yarrow and a feather.



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