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Autumn Approaching

Milk House.
To the East.
Blueberry Leaf.
Setting Sun
Just a few snaps taken on Sunday.

On a side note: I have an overwhelming urge to bake. I’m thinking of an Irish apple cake. Or blueberry muffins. Maybe some cornbread.

What about you? Does approaching autumn make you want to bake? Do you have any great recipe suggestions?

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Sunfish Pond.

Leaf Gradient
My brother and I hiked up to Sunfish Pond today. It’s a 7.5 mile hike and I am pooped. Too pooped to think. So here’s a dumping of photos.
Ferns on Fire

Sunfish Pond

Bench Monday : Hike
(And Happy Bench Monday.)

30 Days of Happiness : Skylands

30 Days of Happiness : Skylands
Seeing as I started this project off with a shot from the back field, it’s only fitting I end it with a few shots from the same locale. It’s a major source of happiness for me, especially this time of year—when the light is just perfect: the way it hits the leaves, the clouds and the grass. I wish I had the skills to photograph its true beauty and essence.
30 Days of Happiness : Skylands
Today is such a typical autumn day. The sky is unable to make up his mind-clouds or sun. There is a breeze. And bright leaves pepper the earth.
30 Days of Happiness : Skylands
I live in an area of New Jersey called the Skylands and it’s not hard to see why. It often confuses people when I show them photos of our property here, especially the back field, because many have a different image in their head of the “Garbage State.”
30 Days of Happiness : Skylands
Today I am happy and grateful to exist in this lovely state in this glorious season. I hope the last day of September is treating you well, wherever you are.

Crater Lake

Went for a much needed hike yesterday. Should have been sewing, but as you can see by the pictures it’s just too beautiful out. I’ll have snowy, cold days all winter to stay in and sew.
Leaves Aflame Path
Me & Dan Steps


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