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I had an insanely lovely weekend. Let’s see: I went for a walk.

Because Saturday was beautiful.

Fell in love with autumn all over again.

Saw a deer on the way home.

Lit a fire.

Started a little fall cleaning in my studio!

Ate a wonderful Sunday dinner, including fried (homegrown) potatoes with fresh rosemary. On the grill.

I ate meat. For the first time in seven years.

Made two pies. (Recipe soon!)

How was your weekend?

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Garden Haul Update

It’s been an exciting week here on our little farm. We are finally harvesting something more than lettuce, green beans and squash. And some critters have made appearances.

The sunflowers are opening up. Quite beautifully.

Huge Haul.
We have pretty much exhausted the green bush beans. Just in time, the pole beans are blossoming. And the peppers are growing and being chopped up and frozen. And occasionally we get a grape tomato ripe enough to eat. (They don’t make it to the house often though.) And the squash! They are producing like rabbits! Every day or two we are bringing in a whole basket full.

Speaking of rabbits. Apparently we were growing them in the potatoes! There were six little ones out there. It explains why things inside the garden looked a little chewed on (including my one celery plant.) We had a lot of pretty torrential downpours last August that washed out a lot of the netting we buried along the base of the garden fence. There are a couple spots where critters could get in but didn’t think they did. Holes have since been patched and baby bunnies put outside.

Garden Haul.
Finally we got something different in our baskets: squash, potatoes (Blossom Fingerling), green beans, beets and lettuce (mesclun mix and bibb/buttercrunch.)

Blossom Fingerling.
There is nothing like fresh, earthy, homegrown potatoes!

My remaining celery (in the garden) is looking decent but I still have to figure out why the stalks aren’t thickening up. Any celery-savvy folk have advice or knowledge to share?

Once the veggies make it to the house, it’s time to clean them up.

Garden View.
So much growth! (Seen above, left to right: Tomato plants, Squash plants and pole beans. And just cropped outside the picture, along the bottom fence line inside the garden are cucumber and gourd plants. And just outside the garden are melon plants.)

Hello Bear
Friday afternoon we had a black bear mosey through. Luckily he didn’t get into any trouble.

And finally: my little pigeon says Hi.

(Head over to Homesprout to see what others are hauling from their garden! Or add your photo to the flickr pool to join in.)

Are You Weary As Water?

Nap 1

Are you weary as water
In a faucet left dripping
With an incessant sadness
Like a sad record skipping

-Ani DiFranco, “Swing”

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately. It might not look like it from reading my blog because I’ve been a busy bee, but when I get sad, I try to immerse myself into things like sewing. This “incessant sadness” is mostly due to the fact that I have a persistent case of lyme disease that leaves me so tired and fatigued. (I think I’m competing with the cat with who can nap more.) I need to schedule an appointment with my doctor to start up my fifth round of antibiotics and fingers-crossed they will help this time. I’ve heard of people needing IVs put in and really hope I’m not one of those cases.
Anyway, this exhaustion has left me fighting the urge to close down my shop and blog and simply hibernate for a few months but so far I have been too stubborn to give in. I am however going to cut back on shop updates and stop taking custom orders. As much as I love sewing, sometimes when I’m working on things for the shop it gets repetitive and drab. I’m hoping cutting back the business aspect of Liesl Made will help pump up the creative aspect and rekindle my joy in this medium. I realize this may all sound silly but if I don’t make it official, I’m bound to revert back to putting the shop first—staying up late at night making makeup bags “because they sell” instead of working on things I really want to work on. Or getting much needed rest.
I’ve also been trying to think up something to boost my mood. All I came up with was doing a photo-a-day in September but somehow it seemed to fall flat—it needed some more direction than just *press-the-shutter-everyday*. Then I noticed Bluebirdbaby’s 30 Days of Happiness and figure it the perfect opportunity. It’s the start of a new month, my favorite season is around the corner, and I have big plans for presents for upcoming birthdays and holidays. There is a lot to be happy about. Taking the time to acknowledge and recognize these things is just what I need. And maybe another nap.

The Garden Speaks.

While my parents are in North Carolina for the week, I’m in charge of the garden. I went out yesterday to see if anything was ready for the picking.
Cucumbers said No.
Tomatoes said No.
Squash said Soon.
Summer Squash
So I ended up with a collection of fallen walnuts, yarrow and a feather.


My Rainy Sunday

I had a lazy Sunday.

My Dad baked a fresh batch of homemade bagels. Which I indulged in, of course.

Then I went out (in the rain) to get some pictures of the springy blooms…
Peach Blossom Dogwood
Tulip Rain Drop

…as inspiration for doodles.

I packaged up a Liesl Made order. (It’s off to sunny California.)

Finally, I curled up with a good book and some Divine Mint chocolate.
Book and Chocolate

I hope your Sunday was just as enjoyable. And the week to come is even better.


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