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I had an insanely lovely weekend. Let’s see: I went for a walk.

Because Saturday was beautiful.

Fell in love with autumn all over again.

Saw a deer on the way home.

Lit a fire.

Started a little fall cleaning in my studio!

Ate a wonderful Sunday dinner, including fried (homegrown) potatoes with fresh rosemary. On the grill.

I ate meat. For the first time in seven years.

Made two pies. (Recipe soon!)

How was your weekend?

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Garden Update

Garden Haul
There really isn’t anything new or exciting to mention in regards to the garden. Lots and lots of beans. Peppers. A few radishes. A few tomatoes.

Garden Girl.
Sometimes, I fear my outfit posts are a little deceptive. I tend to take photos when I get dolled up (which is when I go into town or just feel like fancying up my day a little—and have the time and energy to do so.) This is closer to what I look like most days. Jeans and a t-shirt. Hair up and frizzing out like crazy. Glasses on. Bean leaves embellishing my shirt. Muddy boots. Sporting really poor posture. Exhausted but content. Same old, same old.

We bought about 100 ears of corn and did that up for freezing on Friday night.

All the mums around here are looking lovely. I must say, they are quickly becoming a favorite flower of mine.

What have you been growing?

(Head over to Homesprout to see what others are hauling from their garden! Or add your photo to the flickr pool to join in.)

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