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Autumn Approaching

Milk House.
To the East.
Blueberry Leaf.
Setting Sun
Just a few snaps taken on Sunday.

On a side note: I have an overwhelming urge to bake. I’m thinking of an Irish apple cake. Or blueberry muffins. Maybe some cornbread.

What about you? Does approaching autumn make you want to bake? Do you have any great recipe suggestions?

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Observations of a Former Insomniac.

I’ve spent a large portion of my life as somewhat of an insomniac. But over the past six months or maybe even more, I’ve been sleeping like a semi-normal person, keeping decent hours. Instead of being unable to fall asleep until I’ve gone out to catch the sunrise or morning mist in the back field, I catch the morning when I wake up. These photos are from the beginning of the week when I was up in time to see the dew still lingering on everything.
Dew Drop


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