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I had an insanely lovely weekend. Let’s see: I went for a walk.

Because Saturday was beautiful.

Fell in love with autumn all over again.

Saw a deer on the way home.

Lit a fire.

Started a little fall cleaning in my studio!

Ate a wonderful Sunday dinner, including fried (homegrown) potatoes with fresh rosemary. On the grill.

I ate meat. For the first time in seven years.

Made two pies. (Recipe soon!)

How was your weekend?

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Photo Tag

I was tagged by Casey of Randomness to play along in this little photo game.
The rules are simple…
1. open your first photo folder
2. scroll to the 10th photo
3. post the photo on your blog and tell the story behind it
4. tag people to do the same

The first folder in my Photo Album folder was ‘Archive’ which holds scanned photos from yesteryear. This is the tenth photo and couldn’t be a better one. It’s my Grandfather with a fawn. I don’t know the exact story about why they had a baby deer in the living room, but my Mother’s family is known for taking in strange animals. They had a pony in their mud room for a little while when they lived in town. My Mother is one of six kids growing up on farms so there a lot crazy animal stories, involving frogs and dogs, cows and chickens.

I’ll tag the Teresa’s for this one: Teresa of Affectioknit and Teresa P. of Dewdrop’s Reflections.
(And if you, dear reader, want to play along too, consider yourself tagged.)


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