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Weekly Finds

I really only have one find for you this week:


You can preview the whole thing free on Grooveshark: here.

PS: Thank you all for your comments on Wednesday’s post about Resistance. It was great to read your comments. Many of them reminded me of this quote by Andy Warhol: “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

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Weekly Finds

It’s Friday, already? I have a long list of post ideas and notes, a big stack of photos to share, but somehow I haven’t found the time to get around to sharing them. The week has been a busy one, what with work and appointments. And studio time! Yes, you heard me right. I’ll share more on that situation soon.

Here are some finds for you, for now:


New favorite word might be culled. For some reason, it makes me think of this quote. (Which in turns leads me to think of the White Stripes song “Little Acorns.”)

Speaking of Jack White, this song keeps getting stuck in my head. And this one. And I’m also digging fun. and MB20.

You know what is another lovely word? Murmuration.

Came across these two (one and two) beautifully done how-to videos via My New Roots (found via my three boys.)

Newman’s doesn’t put enough Ginger-O’s in each package.

I wouldn’t doubt it.

This looks decadent.

In the past seven years as a vegetarian, I never really craved meat—except for rarely, when I would want a tuna salad (with onions, celery and grapes) sandwich. (OK, and maybe sometimes a piece of bacon, slathered in maple syrup.) So when I came across this recipe right after I began eating meat again, it seemed a bit like kismet. Must try.

I made the Maple Mustard Green Beans and Potatoes from Vegan with a Vengeance. Another blogger posted the recipe here.

What have you been finding and enjoying this week?

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Weekly Finds

I skipped Yarn Along again this week because I haven’t really been making any significant headway on any of my knitting projects. Numerous people have been asking me how my Buttercup top is coming along, including the nurse at the chiropractor’s office, who wants to see it when it’s completed. I have the body completed, now to tackle the sleeves and the finishing details. In book news: I just finished reading The Dirty Life. And have a fresh stack of books from the library to sink my teeth into: Iceland: Land of the Sagas, How to Be an Explorer of the World, Quarter-Acre Farm and Almost Amish.

My Mom made spaetzle. I couldn’t resist and had some. I’m going to search the internet to see if there are some decent vegan versions for my brother.

The nights have been getting chilly so I dug out my pajama thermals.

One of the movies I watched this week was Ondine. It was beautiful. I highly recommend it. (It reminded me how wonderful this song is. And introduced me to a song by Lisa Hannigan I’d never heard.)

In other tunes news, I’ve been enjoying new releases from The Avett Brothers and Amanda Palmer (who released her album independently and has it set up as a Pay-What-You-Want deal, so you can download for free.)

Have any of you read anything by Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry or David Sedaris? I’d like to look into some of their books but don’t know where to start considering each has such a large body of work.

This video is making the rounds in the inboxes and Facebook feeds of us Jersey folks.

This is one of those things that is so funny because it’s true.

The depth and power of words.

“11 Great Posters from when We Used to Care About Wasting Food”

I’ve been pinning some lovely looks to my Farm Girl Style board on Pinterest. Including this one. (I love big dogs.)

And this is a beautiful painting worth mentioning. I did a search for the original artist but couldn’t fit any info.

What have you been finding and enjoying this week?

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Weekly Finds

My Mom made a peach pie (while the peaches are still in season.) Wasn’t exactly the prettiest thing, but I hear it was delicious.
"Sun" Dried Tomatoes
I came across this post (via someone in blogland or pinterest, can’t remember who/where) and decided to make up some “sun” dried tomatoes. I simply washed them up, cut in half and dried in the dehydrator until done. Now I’ll freeze them and we can rehydrate them for use in pasta dishes or other dishes to bring a little summer into our winter. (Do you use sun dried tomatoes? Have any great ideas on how to use them?)
(I’m also hoping to make some tomato confit today, with the excess of Roma tomatoes we have.)
Zucchini "Fries"
Inspired by this, I made some zucchini fries. Mine turned out a little soggy but were still tasty.
New reads from the library and the mail to indulge in this weekend: Anthro catalog, Whole Living, Making It (Also one + one, which I flipped through and returned.)

I very much loved Soulemama’s post Convalescence. Well said, lady.

Normally, lists like this seem to only state the obvious. And perhaps this one does too, but for some reason I found it really helpful right now.

Yellow Bird Project

My photo was featured in this “making everyday beautiful: hello September” collage over at emma lamb.

Really digging this song. And this one. And this one, too.

I have a roll of film being developed at the local drug store, so expect a film photography post soon.

What have you been finding and enjoying this week?

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Weekly Finds

On My Nightstand
Over the last couple weeks I’ve amassed a pretty tall stack of books on my nightstand. Most are just ‘flip-through’ books, so it’s not as intimidating as it seems.
Seen above:
Food Rules (Read and very much enjoyed. I’ve seen reviews that say it’s not a real book, that’s it too short and simple. That’s what I liked about it. I read it in one sitting and loved the little sayings and common sense advice—all delivered in a non-preachy way and interspersed with Maira Kalman’s art.) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Currently reading and enjoying.) The Homemade Pantry (Read and enjoyed; may need to add to my wishlist so I can keep a copy on my shelf.) Lovely Knits for Little Girls (Read and enjoyed for the most part. I’m wondering if can squeeze into child’s sizes because the Maggie Grandpa Cardigan is lovely!) The Lyme Disease Solution (Unread) The Baker’s Daughter (Unread) Coping with Lyme Disease (Unread—we sorta live in the epicenter of Lyme territory and now two of us in this house are living with it.) Put ’em Up! (Read and enjoyed.) Finishing School (Read and would liked to have enjoyed but it’s all so far over this knitting newbie’s head.) The Vegetable Gardener’s Book of Building Projects (Read and sorta enjoyed—everything is super simple, which depending on your needs and skill level could be great or worth passing this one over.) Growing 101 Herbs That Heal (Read and enjoyed—well laid out and just the right amount of info.) The American Way of Eating (Started but abandoned—just not interested right now.) The Winter Harvest Handbook (Read and felt a little overwhelmed by. I’d like to build and use a cold frame but I think I need information That is a little more rudimentary or something.) Mini Farming (Read and sorta enjoyed—the smattering of poor photos were a little distracting.) The Psychology Book (Started to flip through but abandoned. A little overwhelming and not as interested in as I thought I’d be.)
Note: Apart from the novels, all the books I marked as “read” weren’t read word for word, front to back, but rather skimmed through and browsed.

Online I’ve been finding lovely things as well:

A-Frame tent How-To.

What a beautiful wedding!

This board!

Good to know. Because someday, I’m going! (via here)

Speaking of Iceland. Design your own sweater.

Lovely fashions.

A sweet photo and a clever one.

Carve your own wooden spoon!

Dessa draws parallels to digital tunes to tomato seeds in an article about owning.

What have you been finding and enjoying this week?


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