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Hope to see you over there. :)

Garden 2012

Just a few highlights from the 2012 Garden.

Some Lessons Learned and Goals for Next Year:
Don’t bother with pots, plant celery right in the garden soil.
Make a cucumber trellis (and plant lettuce underneath.)
Keep better records!
And label seeds when planting.
Shut up any holes that may be in the fence to avoid critters getting in!
Use cups, pieces of wood, etc to keep melons off the damp ground. Maybe even tie up a sling?
Try growing garlic and onions for the first time.
(Maybe Brussels sprouts, eggplant too?)
Try to make rhubarb syrup next year.
Netting over the blueberries will not deter birds or squirrels.
Don’t plant the pole beans so close together.

What have you learned this summer from your garden? Are you planning anything different for next year?

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One Day Our Bodies Will Burst Into Beauty

I mentioned in Tuesday’s post that I’m a typical girl and that I love shoes. Unfortunately, I have large feet so finding them (especially second-hand) isn’t too easy. I tend to scour eBay and once in a while, the perfect pair at the perfect price shows up. These were exactly my size (12N), unique, brand new and about $5. I pounced.

Running errands
Tops, Jeggings: Gap
Shoes: eBay
Satchel: eBay

Title Inspiration: Lindsay Fuller, “Sound of Regret

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Advertise on Liesl Made!

I’ve decided to open my blog up to sponsorship. I’ve been tossing this idea around for a long time. And back in the spring, after doing a survey here, many of you said you’d be fine with adverts on the blog—as long as they kept in-content and weren’t overwhelming. Well, we are all on the same page on those fronts. I will only accept adverts from shop owners, bloggers, etc who appeal to my reader—she’s usually a gal who likes handmade, sewing/craft, photography, vintage, fashion. So if you have a shop, business, offer a service, or are just a fellow blogger in this vein, this may be a great way to get a little more exposure!

I don’t like cluttering up my side bar, so your ad won’t get lost. It’ll be featured just below the Shop Liesl Made button. I’m limiting the spots to four for now. Ad sizes will be 200px by 75px.

As a sponsor, I’m thinking I will offer you one post a month (probably on the weekend) to do a “sponsored post.” It’d be super if you did a giveaway, but if you just wanted to do a post highlighting your shop/business or talking about some new merchandise/services you’re offering, etc, that sounds like fun too.

I’m aware my blog doesn’t get major traffic like the big dogs, but I do get some. I’m pretty regular about blogging too—almost every weekday. With that said, I’m pricing accordingly. Only $5US a month. (This is just a trial phase. Pricing and/or services may change in the future depending on how this sponsorship thing goes.)

Right now, I’m not looking to make a lot of money at this, per se. Instead I’m hoping a few extra bucks a month might help off-set some of my Liesl Made related fees—like my Pro Flickr account, domain address, etc. Besides, I sincerely believe in handmade and the craft world, so I love helping promote other artisans/independent souls.

If you’re interested or would just like a little more info, email me at! Spots are open for November!

I’m also open to just reviewing/featuring your products here.

A Survey of Sorts.

Hello dears,
I have a backlog of my creations to share here but first I wanted to ask you a favor. Would you mind giving me a little constructive feedback on the Liesl Made blog? Here are some questions I’ve been thinking about and would love to know your thoughts on.

What do you like about this blog?
What do you want to see more of at Liesl Made?
How do you feel about sponsored blogs/blogs with advertising?
Do you like when I do posts of things I’ve found on the web?
Or should I just stick with original content?
I’m planning on doing more outfit posts—should I do them here?
Or would you prefer me to keep this craft related and start up a separate personal style blog?

If you could answer any (or all) of these, or have any other comments or suggestions, that’d be awesome and a great help!

(If you’re viewing this post in a reader, you’ll need to open it up to see the form below.)

I set it up this way so you can be anonymous, but just to let you know WordPress does tell me your IP address whenever you fill out a form like this or leave a comment so if you’ve left comments here before, I might be able to tell who you are. Though, I promise I won’t look into it—I want you to feel you can be open and honest in your answers.


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