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Stripey Lonestar Quilt Block Tutorial

Good morning. Here is the latest block for the Series. I’m quite smitten with this one. Click the above photo to be taken to the tutorial document. I think it fits in with the quilt really well–I’m still on the fence about the Dresden Plate Block. I wonder if I should redo it more like this one, to make it mesh better with the “scrappy” feel of the quilt?
Sampler Quilt.
Here is the progress so far. What do you think?

Postage Stamp Quilt Block Tutorial.

This week’s block is so easy peasy. I chose to do one inch “stamps” but to save time, you’re welcome to do two inch “stamps.” There is more info in the document.
Next week’s block is going to be a bit more complicated. Think stars and stripes—wait, don’t do that, that’ll make you think of the American flag. Think more stripey star. *wink*

Flying Geese Block Tutorial.

Sorry this took so long to get up again this week. Here it is, the next block: Flying Geese. (If you’re new to the blog, this is part of the Mini Patchwork Sampler Quilt Tutorial Series I’m working on.)

Dresden Plate Quilt Block Tutorial

I guess the third time really is the charm, for the next quilt block for the tutorial series is up! This time it’s for a Dresden Plate block. It’s not technically “mini” but I think it’s small enough and uses up 16 scraps.
It has me thinking though–we might need more block similar to it in the quilt or else it’ll look out of place, don’t you think? Any suggestions? I’m thinking a Mariner’s Compass or some kind of Starburst block.
Here is how the quilt is looking so far:

Mini Log Cabin Block Tutorial.

Sorry this is up so late. I was working on a Dresden Plate block for the next tutorial in the series, but it didn’t turn out right. I tried it again but still with no luck. Third time may be the charm, so maybe you’ll see it next week. As for now: when in doubt, log cabin. Every sampler quilt needs a log cabin, right?
I’ve decided to do my block super-mini*, but I’m aware normal people, unlike me, do things like sleep and have a social life, so I’ve shared measurements for a little less time consuming regular-mini block as well. It’ll be four 6” blocks comprising a 12” block. (Mine—and yours if you are so inclined—will be sixteen 3” blocks making up a 12” block.) There is more info in the tutorial document.
*I’m still trying really hard to use up all those really tiny scraps that I’m overwhelmed with but can’t bear to throw out.


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