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Yarn Along.

Yarn Along
Yarn Along
I’m very excited about the progress I’ve been making on this top. I know I said last week that I was taking on other side projects (a couple dish cloths) for presents but I haven’t completed too many rows. There is something so wonderful about stockinette rounds right now. They are perfect way to keep my hands busy while doing other things—like while having heart-to-hearts with family members, while listening to my Grandmother’s stories about when she was a newlywed, while sitting in waiting rooms, while “watching” the Olympics (and smiling over how cute the commentators are in their excitement over every little thing.)

I just started An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin. I’m glad to get lost in a novel—I seemed to be reading a lot of non-fiction these last couple months. I’m super impressed with Mr. Martin’s talent and ability to branch out (successfully) all across the art world. Actor. Comedian. Writer. Banjo Player. I love how he has made me laugh uncontrollably at the likes of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Planes, Trains and Automobiles but also managed to give us something lovely and bittersweet like Shopgirl. Wonder what he’ll impress us with next?

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Yarn Along

Yarn Along
Even though I am finally making some headway on my Buttercup top (thanks to knitting rounds in front of the Olympics or The Bob Newhart Show reruns), I decided to take a little detour here and there to whip up a couple presents. I could have sworn I had made this pattern back in April or so when I was on a dishcloth-making-kick but I suppose not. (I made three other versions, a few I’ll make again now.)

I’m currently reading The Householder’s Guide to the Universe. It’s taking me a lot longer to get through it than I thought. I will admit I’ve been awfully busy (garden, kitchen, work.) When I do sit down to read, I never know if I’m going to enjoy what I read or not. There are times when the author’s tone and writing seems so redundant, indulgent and uppity. I have to admit, I’ve skipped over sections of the book. But other times I’m biting my tongue to keep from shouting out loud: “spot on!” or “well said!”

So far I haven’t learned anything new or exciting or been inspired too much, but at the very least it has been reassuring and comforting to this “householder” at heart. I’m not done reading it yet so perhaps it’ll solidify more for me as I go on. There is one passage I’ll quote here that struck a nerve. I seem to keep bumping into people who, upon hearing I don’t have a ‘career’ job (or current career plan), no college degree* and live home with my parents, smile politely at me with pity and disappointment. I’m tempted to show them the dirt under my nails and the freezer full of food, tell them of all the knowledge I’ve learned and experiences I’ve had, stress to them how it’s helping the budget, health and happiness of this household and those in it. Perhaps I can go into all of this in another post. For now, the quote:

“Though householding will not be the answer for everyone, in spirit it suggests that the work “in here” is as valuable as the work (and careers) “out there.” Today I do not go to work but rather work as I go. Here and there, in a rhythm entirely more suited to my nature, I do what must be done. Today, because I’m so inclined, I take on the hard work of endless tasks and, in doing so, become a jack-of-all-trades and a master-of-none.”

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*I’d love to go back to college (because I love to learn) but I don’t see the point in accumulating massive debt for a degree I’m not sure I need.

Yarn Along

Yarn Along
Since my last update, I have done a few rounds of my top. Yes, literally, just a few. I haven’t found a way to fit knitting in. I’m either at work or working here at home—keeping up with the garden and house stuff. And when I do sit down to relax, I hate to admit I tend to spend that time in front of screen of sorts.

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When I took up knitting back in September, I swore I would stick with projects that whipped up quickly (so I didn’t get bored) and only do one at a time (starting more than I finish is one of worst habits with sewing.) I’m afraid I’ve already broke the first rule and I’m pretty sure I’m going to break the second soon too, as I hope to get started on socks to have them completed by the yule time season.

I’m almost done with Quiet. Then I’m hoping to fit some light reading in. It looks pretty overwhelming (and perhaps I’m deluding myself that it isn’t?) but most are books just to “flip through” which sounds a bit more fitting for my current schedule. They include:
Canning For a New Generation
An Illustrated Life
Keeping Chickens
A Householder’s Guide to the Universe
Appetite for Reduction
I eat a lot of Stonyfield yogurts. Eventually I decided to plug in the codes on the top of the container and start acquiring reward points. Oddly enough it didn’t take too long to reach a reward that has been long on my wish list: a subscription to Martha Stewart Living. The issues for June, July and August all arrived on Monday. I’m going to enjoy flipping through them (and future ones in the next year.)

(PS: Here is a link to a coupon for $2 off any three Stonyfield products.)

Yarn Along

Yarn Along
Yarn Along
Since my last Yarn Along update, I have to admit, I’ve only stitched about one or two rounds of my top and read a few chapters of Zelda. I’ve been so super busy, hardly had any time to sit down.

I do have a stack of light reading I’m hoping to flip through soon. I picked up Zakka Style, Mend It Better, and Gluten-Free Vegan Holidays from the library. A few times now, I’ve found Billboard in my mailbox. No clue why? Although I’m not huge fan of most of the mainstream music out there, it’s interesting to flip through.

What have you been reading or knitting/crocheting? Feel free to share over at Small Things.

Yarn Along

Knit and Read.

I’m happy to be participating in this week’s Yarn Along hosted weekly by Small Things. On my needles is my very first knitted article of clothing—it’s the Buttercup top. Back in December I did a lot of research on long-sleeve cardigan patterns, hoping to make myself one. But as I couldn’t make up my mind and time went on, winter passed and spring arrived, I bumped this short-sleeved sweater to the top of my queue instead, hoping I could start and finish it before the warm season was over.

The yarn was an early birthday present (I turn 27 today, actually.) It’s DROPS Alpaca in Jeans Blue Gray Mix. After I cast on and completed a few rows, I’ll admit, I felt a little overwhelmed at how long this may end up taking me. But I have been making awesome progress and learning quite a bit. I’ve accomplished the separating-sleeves-from-body step which always seemed intimidating. Should be smooth sailing for a while—lots of simple stockinette rounds, which means I don’t have to focus too hard. I’ll cross the sleeve bridge when I get to it.

As far as what I have been reading—I’m a couple chapters into Zelda by Nancy Milford. Recently I watched Midnight in Paris and it reminded me I had a biography on Zelda Fitzgerald on my shelf, still unread by me. I’m curious about the woman who inspired so many of her husband’s characters. However, like I said, I’m still only a couple chapters in seeing as I have been devoting most of my time to knitting.

However, another book I have been flipping through a lot lately is the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees (Eastern Region). We have a lot of the Audubon guides on our book shelf and I have memories of them being lugged along in my father’s green canvas backpack on many hiking trips when I was young. Now they mostly just sit there on the shelf. But I’ve taken on a little interest (or perhaps challenge) in identifying the trees and flowers around me. I’ve been seeing a lot of white amongst the new green buds and leaves along the side of the road. Some of them are Wild White Dogwood, but another one, more of a cluster of flowers, kept intriguing me. (I’m not to good at letting things go—I have to do research and figure them out, solve the puzzle.) After consulting the book, I guessed it might be American Mountain Ash but my father says it’s probably more likely chokeberry.

What are you knitting or reading?


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