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Gratitude Sunday

Another week, another list of gratitudes.
Join in Gratitude Sunday with Taryn and others over at Wooly Moss Roots.

Sitting around a fire with my family. (And the dog and the cat. And hot cocoa and apple pie!)
Pizza lunch date with my Mom.
Fitting in an evening walk most nights.
Finding some of last year’s pumpkin in the freezer and baking with it.
That my loved ones feel they can lean on me. And do.
The bottle of blue dye I found in the basement.
Which led me to completing a long put off project.
For all the human body can endure.
Good friends joining us for dinner.
That amazing autumn light.

What are YOU grateful for this week?

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Gratitude Sunday

I didn’t want to do another photoless post so soon so I dug this one out of of my archive. It’s me in the early ’90s with my Grandparent’s pug, Nicky.

I’m joining in Taryn’s Gratitude Sunday—a weekly acknowledgment of all the things (big and little) I was grateful for this week.

Paying jobs.

The undo button in MS Word!

For this surge of creative energy.

As well as the desire and follow through to spend time in my studio.

And actually having a room all to myself to devote to sewing.

Laxing up and enjoying myself.

Access to Applegate and other local meats.*

Seeing my cousin.

That my Dad is making homemade bagels today!

What have you been grateful for this week?

*I’m hoping to go into more detail on my decision to go back to eating meat soon. I just need to formulate my thoughts into something understandable.

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Gratitude Sunday

This week I could have easily been sad or bitter about many things. But instead I’m choosing to try to be grateful.

Grateful to be an American.
Grateful that I knew you while you were with us.
Grateful for the last 26 years of stability.
Grateful for hope.

A few other things I’m grateful for this week:

Days and days of perfect autumn weather.

Cool breezes while working outside.

Eating dinner on the porch.

That the garden is producing.

The underground network of Lyme patients and doctors and support groups we’ve tapped into.

Helpful advice from this lady and a neighbor about growing garlic.

To live a charming historical town. (243 years and counting.)

What are YOU grateful for?
(Join in over at Wooly Moss Roots.)

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Gratitude Sunday


It’s time again to acknowledge all the things I felt grateful for this week.

-Waking up early enough to experience foggy mornings.

-My brother. He’s been awfully sweet and supportive lately—even watching the Twilight series with me, to take my mind off of things.

-My library card.



-You darling readers. And all your sweet comments and support.

What are YOU grateful for?
(Join in over at Wooly Moss Roots.)

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Gratitude Sunday

I feel like I am getting back to the regular blogging swing now. I have some posts planned (mostly old ones I never got around to sharing.) I’m finding blogging is beneficial to me. I really appreciate being able to let go of all this here, put it out there, share it. And the icing on the cake? That a handful of folks are actually interested in reading my ramblings and seeing my photos. Thank you.

Speaking of appreciation:

I recently came across Gratitude Sunday and decided to participate. It’s easy to focus on the negative. But really, I (and many of us—if you can read this, if you have access to a luxury like a computer and internet connection, you’re better off than many folks in the world) are lucky creatures. I need to realize this more, acknowledge it more.

We have been going through a lot in this house lately. It seems each of us is fighting a personal battle and then on top of that, a couple weeks ago, we got word that our lives would change and our security here was put into question. We are heading into new waters: it might be rough or it might be smooth sailing. But we’ve got each other. This little unit of five. Always.

I need to start focusing on all I have to be grateful for. This weekly recognition and declaration of gratitude here could help.

This week I am grateful for:

-A successful garden and a freezer packed with food. (We are actually on the lookout for second cheap/used chest freezer.)

-Tasty (homegrown) dinners. Especially when eaten outside. (Roasted green beans and onions, sauteed zucchini and summer squash, beets, and fresh ginger tea.)

-Music. I know that a pretty broad thing but it’s so important to me. There is little else that makes me feel safe and sound than getting lost in some tunes. (Most recent find: Of Monsters and Men)

-To live in a four seasons clime. (That is on the cusp of my favorite season of all.)

-Receiving hugs. Lots and lots of them. (Especially when the hugger doesn’t mind dropping what they are doing to give one.)

-Remembering my family’s past here and hoping for it’s future.

-Textures and light.

What are YOU grateful for this week?


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